Trip to Japan 4/2/2019

Trip to Japan 4/2/2019

金閣寺 (The Golden Pavilion)

There was a fish in my udon.
Entrance to the Golden Pavilion. Tickers are ¥500. It was very busy. It is always very busy. Maybe if you go right when it opens (9 AM) it would be slightly less busy.
Five Things to Guard Against (Five Buddhist Commandments)
1) Do not intentionally kill any living thing
2) Do not take that which is not given to you.
3) Do not engage in improper sexual acts
4) Do not speak any deceitful words
5) Do not become addicted to alcohol and become careless
The Golden Pavilion. I also like the little islands and nice mountains.
The bird on top is a phoenix.
Little waterfall. After seeing the Golden Pavilion there is a short walk with nature and shrines before reaching the tourist trap at the end.
Coin toss game! Coins range from ¥1to ¥500. Very few people actually used
¥500 for the coin toss.
The map I was given marks this pond as as 白蛇の塚 (White Snake Mound). I think that name refers to the island in the pond.
Pond with White Snake Mound from a distance.
The Golden Pavilion from a distance.
Temple and start of tourist trap of food and souvenirs. At more popular temples it is normal for there to be vendors. I had some 肉まん (nikuman), which is the steamed bun with meat in it.

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  1. Very beautiful place. The five Buddist teachings sound like wisdom to me! I like it when you translate for us.

  2. How do you like Kyoto compared to Osaka? Please take some photos with Amy when she meets up with you!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Janet!
    The pavilion is beautiful.
    It’s interesting to compare and contrast the Buddhist five things to guard against, with the latter five of the Ten Commandments.

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