Trip to Japan 3/27/2019

Trip to Japan 3/27/2019

奈良 (Nara) Deer Park

Time to visit deer!

First deer! At least it would be if I hadn’t seen deer puff toys and key chains already at
souvenir shops coming off the train.
Actual first deer. He is lazy deer. Someone was trying to give him a deer cracker but sine it was a smidge to high (at his nose instead of his mouth) he would not take it until the lowered it a bit. It reminds me of how lazy some the seagulls at Ivar’s Fish Bar can be.
All the lazy deer. Probably about to go into a food coma.
When a deer is not lazy, he will approach, bow his head and then look up expectantly for food.

興福寺 (Koufuku Temple)

興福寺 (Koufuku Temple) is right next to the deer park. All of the structure are really big.
All of the structure are really big. I climbed up steep stone steps and took this one from a distance. There are similar stone steps at Osaka Castle.
I think this is the tallest Buddhist structure I have seen so far.
Sakura tree on the way between the 興福寺 (Koufuku Temple) and the deer park.

More deer!

Silly deer. The pedestrian light is red.
The real action is in the left hand corner. The seated man is the vendor for deer crackers. Despite two deer harassing him he is not giving away any freebies.
¥150 ($1.35) for 10 deer crackers. Per the wrapper the deer are cute.
A dear draws near. She knows I have something good.
When I was sitting on a bench another deer found me. The crackers were in my pocket but her nose knew. She started bumping my arm with her head.
How did he get over there?

氷室神社 (Himuro Shrine)

Saw this sign across the street. Decided to go visit.
Came in the side entrance because that’s where the crosswalk is. First thing is pond.
Droopy sakura tree. Everyone is excited about it.
Entrance to the main shrine.
Taken near the gate. On the left is the place for ritual washing and the pond behind it. My favorite is the dog with a bib and the white flowers on the right.

Woody Woodlands and Deer

I think the fences are more for keeping out humans than keeping deer in. Even if there were not gaps, I saw a deer leap a fence that was twice as tall earlier in the day.
A close up of the red flowers on the tree in the previous picture.
Lots of resting deer.
Deer crossing.
No, I don’t have any more crackers.
In case there are not enough deer, these have deer on them.

春日大社神苑・萬葉植物園 (Kasugataishashinen Manyo Botanical Gardens)

The botanical gardens cost ¥500 to get to see. There were a lot dirt patches with labels. Probably in later spring and summer there are even more things to see.

みつまた (Mitsumata) is a beauty plant in early spring.
Yellow flowers. Since I don’t have their label properly in the picture, I will never know what they are called.
ダイコン (daikon) or giant radish.
Purple flowers near a stream. I did not see a label for them. I think they are wild flowers.
Pond near the back of the botanical garden.
Took this path back to the entrance.
One last thing to see before leaving!


This fountain is right outside the train center and is right next to…
…shopping! This shouldn’t be a surprise anymore since it seems ever station has a lot of shopping next to it. This is an entrance to a street full of restaurants and stores. I poked around briefly earlier in the day and decided I would come back after seeing deer since I did not want to carry around anything extra I might buy.
I decided to try tonkatsu at とんかつがんこ (Tonkatsu Ganko).
White miso soup, tofu, rice, shredded cabbage, tonkatsu (breaded pork), and pickles. The two things under the pickles are the lids for the soup and rice. They also gave me 麦茶 (Barley Tea). Water is better but I drank it. Not sure what it was about the tofu but it tasted better than normal tofu, a bit creamier. The sauce on the tonkatsu was tangy with a little sweetness. I saw someone put a salad dressing I had never seen before on their cabbage. I put a little on my plate to try but decided I would rather use the extra sauce from the tonkatsu for my cabbage. I ate everything except the pickles. I tired them which was enough.
I also went to Daiso and bought a lot of goodies. They will be a secret for now, except for my new water bottle. It is little so that it fits in my purse. In large print it says, “The Romantic Pink”. In smaller print under that it says, “Pink of the Pink”. Also crispy pea snack.

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  1. That Buddhist temple looks like it might have a lot of ghosts! Have you tried any Pokemon Go while in Japan? I can’t remember if your phone is too sad for that or not.

    Those ダイコン look very hearty! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    1. I have not tried Pokemon Go in Japan. I stopped playing it because it was draining on my battery and data and tended to lag. I can give it a try. Pokemon Lets Go Eevee has an option to import over Pokemon from Pokemon Go so I might be able to get a few Pokemon near my apartment to transfer over when I get back.

      Indeed the daikon does look hearty. With all the shrines I’ve been finding I’ve been able to increase my hearts and energy gauge.

  2. Hi Janet,
    I loved seeing your pictures of deer and your funny captions. Do they trim the deer antlers or do they come off naturally? They seem to be stubs. The temples you saw look quite grand.

    1. In October they hold an event called Shika no Tsunokiri which means Deer Horn-cutting. In this event they round up the male deer and cut off their antlers so that if they get aggressive they are not quite as dangerous.

  3. I saw the Nara deer on a video. They were bowing, a little impatiently … then waited for a cracker. As you said, it was only non lazy deer who asked for crackers. The lazy ones were trying not to explode from too much crackers. They didn’t want to explode. Can’t blame them.

  4. The deer sure do seem to run this part of town. Beautiful photos

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