Trip to Japan 4/2/2019

金閣寺 (The Golden Pavilion) There was a fish in my udon. Entrance to the Golden Pavilion. Tickers are ¥500. It was very busy. It is always very busy. Maybe if…


Trip to Japan 4/1/2019

Goodbye Osaka My bedroom at Hotel Chuo in Osaka. It was a tiny room. Hello Kyoto Busy street that leads to 金閣寺 (The Golden Pavilion). The Golden Pavilion is just…


Trip to Japan 3/31/2019

Quail eggs for breakfast! 阿部野橋ターミナルビル (Abenobashi Terminal Building) Abenobashi Terminal Building is the tallest building in Japan at 62 floors. First floor is a station. Floors 2 -15 are mostly…

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Trip to Japan 3/28/2019

A lazy day after all the deer excitement. 親子丼 (oyako donburi) which is rice topped with chicken and egg. This first part (oyako) means means parent and child. Chicken and…


Trip to Japan 3/27/2019

奈良 (Nara) Deer Park Time to visit deer! First deer! At least it would be if I hadn't seen deer puff toys and key chains already at souvenir shops coming…


Trip to Japan 3/26/2019

極楽浄土の庭 (Gokuraku-jodo Garden) This garden is located right next to 四天王寺 (Shitennō Temple). I didn't visit it the previous day because it closes earlier in the day (4PM? 5PM? Somewhere…


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