Trip to Japan – Kyoto – 衣笠常修寺 (Kinugasa Joshuji Temple)

Trip to Japan – Kyoto – 衣笠常修寺 (Kinugasa Joshuji Temple)

衣笠常修寺 (Kinugasa Joshuji Temple)

衣笠常修寺 (Kinugasa Joshuji Temple). It is a smaller temple that is to the north of the apartment I stayed at.
There were some potted plants on the right hand section of the temple.
Close up of the stone tablet.
I think the stone basin for the 手水舎 (temizuya) is pretty cool.
Main temple. Its not clear in the picture but the wood carvings are dragons.
A little shrine. These little shrines are known as 摂社 (sessha) when they are dedicated to 神 (kami; god or spirit) that is closely related to the kami in the main shrine. If the the are dedicated to a kami that is not related they are called 末社 (massha). I don’t know a sessha from a massha so I will keep calling them little shrines.
The ropes are called 注連縄 (shime-nawa). They mark a sacred place or object (usually a tree or rock).
A little shrine beyond the shime-nawa.
Sometimes this dragon spits on the stone.
A close up of the dragon.

Some Residential Roads in Kyoto.

One of the nicer looking houses that I passed by on my way to Kinugasa Joshuji Temple.
These roads are so narrow.
Cannot escape the vending machines!
The full Napoleon experience. Also known as ketchup spaghetti. The weirdest part is not the ketchup sauce. It is the ginger pickles.

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