Trip to Japan 4/1/2019

Trip to Japan 4/1/2019

Goodbye Osaka

My bedroom at Hotel Chuo in Osaka.
It was a tiny room.

Hello Kyoto

Busy street that leads to 金閣寺 (The Golden Pavilion). The Golden Pavilion is just up ahead on the trees.
Side street off of the road to the Golden Pavilion. My apartment is in the yellow building with some blue tarp on top.
Three apartments on the bottom. Mine is the middle one. The owner’s son in law gave me the keys and gave me a run down of the apartment.
First room. Little kitchen. To the right is a little room for the toilet. On the wall opposite of the kitchen sink is another sink and mirror.
Sliding door it used to get to the bedroom. The other door is partially blocked by the 1st bunk bed and cannot be opened.
Two bunk beds! But only one bed is made.
Blue strip wall is actually a door to the shower. The door handle is hidden under the curtain.

Let’s Shopping!

Since I have a bigger refrigerator and my own kitchen I can do a bit more with food.
Little shopping cart. Luckily other people were entering before me so I could see that they thing to do it to put a shopping basket on it. If you are super hungry you can even use two shopping baskets. I like how easy this style of cart is to maneuver.
Sashimi for ¥738 ($6.59). It was good.
Ice cream parfait. Layers are strawberry syrup, vanilla ice cream, cheese cookie, cheese ice cream. strawberry syrup, strawberry ice cream. Apparently cheese flavored cookies and ice cream are thing. A surprising good thing.

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  1. Hi Janet,
    I’m glad you took pictures of both your apartments. It is very interesting to see how they fit what you need into a small space! Is Amy joining you in Kyoto or not yet? Being able to do some of your own food prep and shopping at the grocery store will give you some experience of what local people do. The sashimi looks good!
    Happy Easter!

    1. I will see Amy at the beginning of May in Tokyo. I think the landlord at one point was considering renting out beds with the apartment being shared at one point. Hence the two bunk beds and lockers. I have the whole apartment to myself.

      The Sashimi was good! I hope you had a great Easter.

  2. I am surprised an Evee is not looking at this cheese ice cream. : )

    1. All the Eevees were looking from a far.

  3. Wow, it is cool that you have your own little apartment space now!

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