Trip to Japan 3/31/2019

Trip to Japan 3/31/2019

Quail eggs for breakfast!

阿部野橋ターミナルビル (Abenobashi Terminal Building)

Abenobashi Terminal Building is the tallest building in Japan at 62 floors. First floor is a station. Floors 2 -15 are mostly shopping and restaurants. Floor 16 has a garden observatory. You can pay to take an elevator up to the top floor observatory. Most floors above the 16th are for office space and hotels.
Pedestrian bridge at the base of the Abenobashi Building. You can use it to enter the building on the 2nd floor.
View from the 16th floor. The large building on the left next to the trees is the art museum.
Another city view.
Observatory has trees and benches. No one wants to use the wet benches.
Parrots and monkeys in the trees. (Monkey is in previous picture.) Sign says, “Please do not touch the puff toys.”

Heading back

Passed through the Abechika shopping center to cross the street. Decided to take a picture of the flower clock. Surprise! There are now trains in front of it.
I decided to use the bridge over the zoo to return back to my hotel. I thought it would give me a nicer view of the sunset.

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  1. Hi Janet,
    I love the giraffe! What a beaeutiful observation deck garden. Nice city views.

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