Trip to Japan 3/30/2019

Trip to Japan 3/30/2019

Lazy day. I went back to Kura Sushi. Most of the sushi I ate was pretty normal. But there are odd things like corn sushi for those who want it. Corn sushi is not unique to Kura Sushi. The other sushi place I went to (Revolving Sushi Rokusen) on 3/24 also had it as an option.
Ordered the Kura Burger from their menu. It is a teriyaki burger and it pretty similar to the teriyaki burger at McDonalds. Biggest difference is this one has some tempura onions on it.
Beef sushi with onion. Its a good one.
Expensive milk. Most milk sold in Japan is whole milk which is excellent. It had been two weeks since I had last had standard milk so it tasted like the best milk in the universe. I have a receipt from buying milk in Kyoto and it was ¥189 ($1.69) for a liter. That’s about $6.40 per gallon. In Logan, Utah I could normally get a gallon on milk for $1.99.

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  1. You can get cheaper milk at a super. Getting milk at Family Mart is kind of like getting your milk at a gas station here; it’s always going to be more expensive.

    1. Indeed, milk in cheaper at normal grocery store. The milk price I used is from Kyoto Co-op which is a full grocery store. I saw recently that Fresco has a different brand of milk that is a little cheaper at ¥178 per liter (about $6.02 per gallon). Lawson, which is basically Family Mart, is stupid expensive. I can’t remember the exact price but I think its around ¥240.

  2. When we visit Pennsylvania we notice the milk prices there closer to New York City get more expensive. Not so many milk cows near big cities, I guess! The food looks tasty.

  3. Aaaah! The milk is expensive!

    I will have nightmares tonight that I am in Japan being chased by a Japanese cow with overpriced chocolate milk.

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