Trip to Japan 3/29/2019

Trip to Japan 3/29/2019

Kid Party!

On my way to the Osaka City Museum of Art, at Tenshiba Park. I had been by the park on previous days and not much was happening. This time there were fun times for little kids.

Fishing for toys. There were two adorable girls at one of these that had plastic gold coins a jewels.
For ¥300, you can control the mini yellow dragon.
Ponies and camel to ride! Lots of people are ready for a picnic.
Inflatable bounce bunny!

Osaka City Museum of Art: Vermeer Display

Statue close to the art museum. Also pretty close to the picnickers. They are in the upper left.
The art museum. The purple is flowers that they have on display.
Taking pictures of the art is now allowed. The only thing in the museum that I was allowed to take a picture of is this giant poster. The displays had pictures by Vermeer and other Dutch artists. There were painting of portraits, Biblical stories, landscapes and daily life. Hendrick ter Brugghen drew a picture of the wise men giving gifts to baby Jesus. It may be the ugliest baby Jesus that I’ve seen. I was impressed with the portraits I saw. The faces were distinctive and I feel that someone who had seen the painting could then recognize the actual person if they saw him. There were multiple pictures by Johannes Vermeer of ladies writing letters. Its super romantic.
Got this book at the gift shop.

Queen of the Hill

Decided to explore are around the museum. Some of the sakura trees are becoming much more impressive. I was actually up on a ledge when I top with picture which makes the trees look more like bushes.
Near the end of the stairs for this hill.
I love these bushes with the red flowers.
Close up of a red flower.
A view from the top of the hill. There is a small park down there.
Little momument on the top of the hill. The left side has 山頂 (sanchou) which means the top of a mountain, or in this case hill. The hill is 26 meters tall. I feel so accomplished.
I went through the little park and crossed over this bridge over the stinky marsh.
Here is a more pleasant view. On the right is the hill I climbed. Maybe I should have crossed over the red bridge. The tower in the distance is the one in 新世界 (Shinsekai), or the constant dog party near the hotel. Its nice to have recognizable landmark within easy walking distance of the hotel.

Heading back

This is near the museum. Its interesting to see how bamboo is used to shape these trees.
This right in front of the museum. The bridge actual goes right over the zoo and then there are steps leading to the zoo entrance. It is actually a more direct path between Hotel Chuo and the museum.
Got some Okonomiyaki while I was heading through 新世界 (Shinsekai). It looks the same but it secretly had squid. Luckily I like squid.
Purple sweet potato ice cream.
A lady tried to sell me her fortune telling services for ¥500. I refused. Instead I went back to the Billiken shrine and got one for ¥100. Its an honor system as there is no one keeping watch over the shrine. One advantage of getting a fortune at the shrine is that it can be a little souvenir.
“The environment surrounding you will likely change rapidly. If you don’t allow yourself to be swept away and more forward with conviction, then you will have a rare and heartwarming encounter. “
Spa World is nearby 新世界 (Shinsekai). This statue is right in front of it.

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  1. So many interesting pictures in this post, Janet! There seem to be a lot of really beautiful public spaces in Osaka. Thanks for pointing out how they use bamboo to shape the trees. You will have to let us know if you have a rare and heartwarming encounter!

  2. Hey, your environment quickly changed when you went to Japan! That was an accurate fortune! I think the food looks like a heartwarming encounter!

    The bunny, on the other hand, creeps me out a bit! At least it is bouncy. But I guess that’s typical of bunnies.

    1. The bunny is bouncy on both the inside and outside!

  3. That bunny reminds me of the bunny in the picture book Morris’s Disappearing Bag!

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