Trip to Japan 3/28/2019

Trip to Japan 3/28/2019

A lazy day after all the deer excitement.

親子丼 (oyako donburi) which is rice topped with chicken and egg. This first part (oyako) means means parent and child. Chicken and egg together is awesome.
I went to Curry Yakumido for dinner. I got excited and started eating before remembering to take a picture. The right curry is beef. The left side is vegetarian. Beef curry is superior. The place was small with a tiny kitchen and seating for five guests. The man running the shop speaks that best English that I have heard from any of the natives. He was talking to the two of the guests from Sweden about drinks and the best local bars. I told him that I would be staying near the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto during April. He said that he went to University around there. He suggested that after I see the major temples in the city that I check out some of the temples in the northwest that are within the mountains.

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  1. Hi Janet,

    Did you speak Elglish or Japanese to him?

    1. English to him. I respond to whatever language someone first speaks to me in. Unless their English is really broken.

  2. Hi Janet,
    Looking forward to more posts! I hope you are having fun.

  3. Have you been chatting a lot in Japanese? Can you feel yourself improving?

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