Trip to Japan 3/16/2019

Trip to Japan 3/16/2019

天王寺駅 (Tenou Temple Station) Underground Mall

For lunch, I decided to go back to the underground mall that I passed the day before. It had been a gloomy morning and I was worried that it might start raining again. The underground mall is located under the large intersection on the corner of the block with the zoo. There are various exits that lead to all corners of intersection. One of coolest things in it is the giant flower clock next to the stairs down to the railway. I forgot to take a picture of it. Google maps has a picture of the flower clock and the intersection that this mall is under. It can be found here.

Main area. The row of potted plants it right next to the stairs to go to the rail station. The flower clock is also nearby. Off the sides their a various restaurants and stores to buy clothing and jewelry.
A display of plastic food in front of one the restaurants. Its like a 3D menu.
You can even buy ketchup spaghetti. I don’t know why any would do such a thing.
I chose vegetable tempura. It comes with one complementary shrimp.

通天閣 (Tsutenkaku)

Later on in the day I started wandering around to find a restaurant. And I came upon the north entrance of 通天閣 (Tsutenkaku). The previous day, I had passed through a small portion on the south side but since it was early in the day all the shops were closed. Most shops and restaurants open at around 11:00 AM for lunch. Depending on the place they will close any time from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM.

通天閣 (Tsutenkaku) Tower when viewed from the north. There are various shops and restaurants along this road. The tower lights up at night.
The bottom of 通天閣 (Tsutenkaku) Tower.
Underneath the tower there are various souvenir shops. (ひよこちゃん)Hiyoko-chan is the mascot for chicken ramen.
To get on top of the tower, you must go pass the underground souvenir shops and buy a ticket to take the elevator up. I did no such thing.
I got some たまごトースト (Egg Toast) at a cafe in the northern part of 通天閣 (Tsutenkaku). It has scrambled egg, mayo and cucumber. When I took this picture I already knew that it was a good one.
From lunch onward its a constant dog party around here.
To the left is a place that sells 串かつ (kushikatsu) which is a deep fried skewer. Usually meat but I’ve seen picture with vegetables on a stick. Lots of places around here sell them. It seems like something I must try before leaving Osaka.
More busy streets.
“We have absolute confidence in Gyoza”
There are lots of crazy decorations up high.
Japanese at bottom is cut off but what I can make out is the word “Jumbo” and kanji for “angling, fishing”
Awesome turtle. He might be my favorite decoration.
Not only is there shopping and dining but there is also entertainment. Lots of Pachinko machines. My understanding is that its the Japanese version of slots.
It was incredibly loud and smelled smoke but I was curious on what themes they had. This one was showing an intro of a cure amine mermaid before going to this start screen.
Here is another one with a cute anime girl.
There is also a retro game center. It is ¥100 ($0.90) to play. I’m not sure how long that last or if its just until you get a game over.
A Megaman fighting game. Two people can play! per the bottom sign.
An old arcade racing game.
There was various souvenir shops. I have yet to buy any. Here are some name tags. Shockingly they do not have my name. Near this souvenir shop there was a tax free store that was selling basic food and house hold good. I bought some laundry detergent and some convenience food. I did not get it tax free since you need to spend at least ¥5,000 ($44.91)


I decided to try the teriyaki burger at McDonalds.
It looks pretty normal. Main difference is that the patty is smothered with teriyaki sauce and that it uses the slightly spice Japanese Mayo. The teriyaki sauce made it a bit messy to eat.
In the McDonalds bathroom they have a seat within the stall to hold your baby. I’ve never seen such a thing. Since I so rarely use public restrooms in America I am actually uncertain if this is unique to Japan.
Instructions for the baby seat.
I’ve heard of Japanese toilets that you have to squat at. I have yet to encounter one. This one is standard from what I’ve seen so far. On the left there are controls for the bidet. Don’t use them unless you want a wet butt. The handle to flush is on the right. Depending on which direction you twist it it will do a small or big flush. There is also an electric plug for the toilet seat cover to the right. This power the bidet and keeps with toilet seat warm.

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  1. Great photos, Janet, and fun captions. It looks like a very fun dog party!

  2. Yus. Good turtle.

  3. I have absolute confidence in the gyosa of Osaka. I can see why that was on their sign. Though the gyosas I ate were smaller than the ones on the signs …. thought they gyosa looks the right size for the turtle … maybe also for the chicken ramen mascot.

    Alert !!! someone took a bit from you egg salan sandwich …. or did it come that way?

    1. I took all the bites of my egg sandwich.

  4. Thanks for your pictures and comments. This is something I have never seen and wish I had.

  5. Restrooms in the U.S. have diaper change stations (with a belt but also with instructions that you’re supposed to keep a hand on your baby at all times), but they don’t have baby-holding hardware like Japan’s.

    BTW, that Mega Man fighting game looks like fun.

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